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Boyue Instruments Metal Materials Analysis Seminar Held in Changsha

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Boyue Instruments Metal Materials Analysis Seminar Held in Changsha

    In July 2016, Boyue Instruments analysis of Metallic Materials Conference Changsha held in Changsha City Days Inn Hotel, as the seventh station in the year 2016, the meeting invited many experts and customers come to participate in the conference.

    The seminar, Boyue Instruments sales manager Manager Bo made a speech about Boyue Instruments company, sales executive head Geng speech Bruker direct reading spectrometer and oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer thematic, and invited Bruker sales engineer Wang speech XRD and XRF the latest technology to explain, Central South College of materials science and engineering; Professor Huang invited to explain a talk on the application of XRD in the research of metallic materials and Boyue Instruments technology director Zhong, director of the Boyue Instruments service is introduced. During the demonstration of the instrument, the customer has a strong interest in the instrument, and is closely related to the application and the parameters of the instrument.


    Boyue Instruments with the world's major instruments well-known brand strategic cooperative relations, and constantly optimize the company management, improve service quality, become China's domestic well-known instrument suppliers.

    Boyue Instruments will also be held regularly or irregularly technical exchange, and is equipped with a professional application experts, to provide users with continuous product application support!



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