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Optical Emission Spectrometer Q4 MOBILE


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The Q4 MOBILE is a mobile optical emission spectrometer for all fields of applications in metal sorting, positive Material Identification (PMI), and analysis.

The Q4 MOBILE, mobile optical emission spectrometer for all fields of applications in metal sorting, PMI, analysis, is offering following innovative solutions:

·  Patented CCD optic with outstanding resolution and thermal stability

·  User-friendly touch-screen operation and built-in probe display

·  Special power management, supports all forms of power supplies ·  Hybrid cable allowing longer, lighter, more flexible probe cabling

·  Thermal stability without warm-up times and instant availability

·  Combined arc/spark pistol with quick adapter change

       Q4 MOBILE is one of the most compact and lightest integrated spectrometers. Even battery may already be built-in (option) and the 24 kg unit can run independent from mains supply. For special tasks, various cable lengths are available. The ultra-light probe, the light hybrid cable make this configuration very handy.
       The mobile spark spectrometer addition to the Bruker product portfolio falls into the tradition of high-end performance. The patented optic, source generator, orthogonal plasma observation, combined with latest spectra deconvolution algorithms provide an analytical performance close to laboratory instruments. For challenging applications  covering the UV elements a UV probe is optionally available.
       The application areas are diverse. Besides inspection of incoming goods — the quick testing of coils on the truck, for example — the mix-up test is the classic application. The portability of the Q4 MOBILE allows inspection away from the lab, giving convenient access to incoming goods. Contract laboratories and inspectors can easily transport the instrument directly to the job for on-site analysis. Unsorted scrap, including carbon steels, can be quickly tested in the scrap yard. With the help of the analysis the various alloys can be differentiated and valuable and precious material delivered to customers.
       Q4 MOBILE closes the gap between Bruker‘ s stationary OES and handheld XRF. If there is a requirement for metal sorting, PMI, or on-site analysis, then Q4 MOBILE is the right choice.Metall sorting
Positive Material Identification (PMI)


·  Metall sorting

·  Positive Material Identification (PMI)

·  On-site analysis



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