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Performance in Spatially Resolved Analysis of Large Objects

       The Bruker M6 JETSTREAM is designed for the non-destructive elemental analysis of large samples. The mobility of the instrument allows it to be placed at the site of the object of interest, be it in a gallery, museum or on the shop floor. The performance parameters enable scanning areas of 800 mm x 600 mm with a variable spot size down to 100 µm and speeds of up to 100 mm/s. As the system is capable of measurement "on-the-fly" this results in a pixel dwell time of as short as 1 ms.

Element distribution analysis for large samples with highest performance:

The M6 JETSTREAM measurement rig can be tilted, allowing samples to be scanned either horizontally or vertically
The spot size of the M6 JETSTREAM can be adapted in five steps to match the structure of the sample and the desired spatial resolution
Bruker's advanced XFlash® silicon drift detectors (SDD) are used for the detection of fluorescence radiation. They feature high count rate capability and best energy resolution over a wide count rate range
Special safety circuitry provides optimal user protection against exposure to X-rays
Ultrasound distance measurement safeguards against collision with the measurement object
Regardless of sample size, the M6 JETSTREAM can be easily positioned due to its mobility
It can be disassembled into four parts which makes it transportable.


Fields of Application for the M6 JETSTREAM

Historical painting analysis

Homer by Rembrandt, Co K Map   Homer by Rembrandt, Co K map

The non-destructive analysis of paintings is one of the major strengths of the M6 JETSTREAM. Valuable information on the authenticity of paintings can be obtained, as well as for restoration and conservation. 

Drill core analysis

Line Scan of a Drill Core   Line scan of a drill core

The M6 JETSTREAM is well-suited for the analysis of large geological specimens. This application example describes the investigation of a segment of a drill core. 

Large granite sample analysis

Mosaic image of a granite sample   Mosaic image of a granite sample

Fast elemental analysis of large geological samples with the M6 JETSTREAM is a non-invasive technique that allows to visualize the major and trace element distribution on a macroscopic scale and advanced post processing of the HyperMap data cube.



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