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Material Identification (PMI)


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Positive Material Identification (PMI) for Your Plant Safety

       Positive Material Identification (PMI) is an important part of your safety program.  PMI ensures that the specified alloy is used for every component of the pressure vessel or plant being constructed.  Parts made of the wrong alloy can corrode or wear more rapidly than expected when placed in service. Portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis in plants and refineries can help you avoid catastrophic failures caused by these improper parts.  Please contact our experts to understand how our analyzers will improve the safety of your plant.


Identification of alloy classes

       In many fields, the use of portable XRF analyzers (XRF guns) to ensure 100% on-site PMI is a straight-forward procedure and considered standard practice.  Handheld XRF PMI guns provide rapid and completely nondestructive alloy identification of all alloy classes including:

·  Carbon  & Low Alloy Steel

·  Stainless Steel

·  Nickel and High Temperature alloys

·  Copper alloys

·  Titanium alloys

·  Aluminum alloys

       These PMI XRF analyzers can analyze any shape parts within your system – plates, pipes, flanges, welds, valves and other components – for complete PMI. The large library (grade definitions) provided with the analyzer includes most common grades used in refineries and other production environments. If the specific grade you require is not defined within this library, or your naming convention is different from that used on the analyzer, the library can easily be customized to provide the exact definition and name used in your environment.




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