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Image scanning device SmartCIS


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Model: SmartCIS

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       smartcube® - smartCIS (Camera Image Scanner) is a special device for making scans of slabbed and unrolled cores. Scans are digital copies of the core surfaces providing the basis for our virtual core archive. Furthermore the device can be used to take pictures of cuttings, thin sections, samples or other surfaces.

Camera Image Scanner

       smartCIS is easy to mount and to handle. smartcube uses state of the art technology, for example: digital linesacn cameras and innovative plug and drive motors in combination with smart software for assembling the device. Because of this there is no need for special camera or motor interface cards. A notebook or PC with an Ethernet-port and a RS232 or USB interface can be used. The software package smartSCAN contains a special interface to communicate with the smartDIS-database, but it is also possible to use the scanner stand alone.

Products and Services
smartcube® - smartDIS
(Drilling Information System)
standard edition with preconfigured data module
setup-CD for installation by yourself
customizing for the standard edition of smartDIS
training of your personnel on request
support by e-mail

smartcube® - smartCIS
(Camera Image Scanner)
standard device as described by technical overview,
including steering computer
special production (optional: core length, core
diameter, camera, slapped cores only)



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