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Drilling Information System SmartDIS


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       Scientific as well as commercial drilling projects demand for a highly flexible information management solution, adaptable to all requirements and easy to handle. smartcube - smartDIS (Drilling Information System) is an on-site information system for drilling projects to archive and manage all important data.

       It contains predefined input, report and visualization facilities for all basic data sets of a drilling and is adaptable to new requirements in an easy way. smartDIS can be used in an local Intranet as well as from the Internet.

      The technological concept is based on Microsoft Access* and Microsoft SQL-Server* and is ready for changes in the future. The whole graphical user interface of smartDIS is encapsulated in a MS Access project and all data are stored in the SQL-Server backend database.

       smartDIS was developed in cooperation with the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ). The system has been established at projects of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) all over the world.
       Documenting and archiving of cores assigned to technical parameters, geological descriptions and analytical data are important for the successful analysis and utilization of drilling projects. Our solution for this task is a virtual core archive.
       Virtual core archives are set up using smartCIS for archiving digital copies of cores or cuttings in combination with smartDIS for storing corresponding drilling data (depth, runs and cores, logging-data, lithology etc.). An automatically generated graphical profile presentation supports a visual navigation through the data.



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