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       The SP-010 sputtering module for the CCU-010 LV and CCU-010 HV Compact Coating Units has a small form factor, yet offers all the features required for highquality sputter coating in a vacuum.
      The module fully integrates a magnetron, target, shutter, process pressure regulator and power electronics in a unique, robust unit that is guaranteed to be ready for operation and easy to maintain.
       An innovative interface with power and gas supply as well as signal transmission allows the modular system to be configured to work as a sputtering unit with just asingle hand movement.


·  Electronically controlled process vacuum ensures stable pressure in the receptacle.
·  Circular gas orifice ensures homogeneous process gas distribution.
·  Detection and monitoring of splinter protection guarantees safe operation.
·  Target cooling with temperature monitoring ensures smooth operation.
·  Uniform electrical and pneumatic interface for use with basic units CCU-010
·  HV and CCU-010 LV.



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