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       As a small, compact module, the CT-010 carbon yarn head has all the technicalcharacteristics required for reproducible vaporisations and subsequent surface modifications.
       A newly developed automatic carbon yarn tracking system enables the unit to generate up to 50 carbon films without the user having to adjust the carbon yarn vaporiser.
       A high-performance combination of carbon coating and subsequent glow discharge treatment without interrupting the vacuum conditions ensures exceptionally efficient generation of hydrophilic carbon carrying films.


•  An innovative, automatic tracking system (patent pending) manages up to 2m of carbon yarn, which is deployed using a spool.
•  Pulsed electrical surges in ‘regular’ and ‘gentle’ mode meet every need, from rapid coating processes through to high-precision carbon coatings that are exceptionally easy on the samples.
•  A process gas controller delivers the air for the glow discharge precisely on the surface of the substrate.
•  Precise control of plasma output allows for a broad range of applications for modifying the surface properties of samples.
•  Uniform electrical and pneumatic interface for use with basic units CCU-010 HV and CCU-010 LV.



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