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FSM 500 Film Stress & Wafer Bow

Brand:Frontier Semiconductor

Place of Origin:U.S.A

Model:FSM 500

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Introduction :
      The FSM 500TC 200mm High Temperature System helps researchers and process engineers to evaluate the thermal properties and stability of thin films in semiconductor, III-V, solar, LED, data storage, MEMS and FPD materials subjected to thermal cycles. Information obtained from this characterization facilitates the detection of problems such as film cracking, voiding and hillock formation, which could lead to critical reliability issues during the manufacturing process. The tool is crucial to gauge the maturity of a new process or new materials before they are released for production.


Designed for:
·  Versatility:
The FSM 500TC 200mm accommodates 50 to 200mm wafer without the need to change sample holder, or jig. Stress and wafer bow measurements can be evaluated at room or high temperature
·  Simple Sample Placement + Retrieval

Wafer placement on the FSM 500TC 200mm is simple using convenient location pins for reproducible operations
·  Auto Switching Dual Laser
The FSM 500TC 200mm features a patented auto dual laser technology. Whenever sample reflectivity is poor, the system will switch to an alternate laser with different wavelength. This enables the end user to measure almost any type of film including nitrides, polyimides, low k and high k materials, or metals, without problems
·  Programmable Temperature Cycle
Recipes for heat cycles are programmable for single or multiple heat runs with the possibility of different temperature ramping rates and annealing temperatures to evaluate thermal stability of thin film materials
·  Data Management and Reporting
Graphs or results showing Stress vs. Temperature; Stress vs. Time, or Wafer Bow vs. Temperature are conveniently displayed and easily exported to Excel™ or Word for report generation. Applications like Coefficient of Thermal Expansion calculations are standard features in the FSM 500TC 200mm.

Multiple Heat cycles superimposed on each other. Results,graphs or maps are easily exported to Excel™ or Word documents to generate reports



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