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SMARTTECH3D universe


Place of Origin:Poland

Model:SMARTTECH3D universe

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SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE is a 3D scanner that combines high accuracy of measurement for reverse engineering and the possibility of scanning realistic color texture necessary for digitizing objects.
SMARTTECH UNIVERSE is a complete hardware and software solution enabling creation of 3D documentation of any objects and further processing of the measurement results, e.g. for 3d printing. Solid aluminum housing and supporting structure inside the scanner made of carbon fiber, provide the best protection and stability of the sensitive optics. No need for each time calibration and a certificate confirming the accuracy of the device makes the 3D scanner a reference measurement tool both in the technical and natural sectors.

The 3D scanner is equipped with the SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, which supports 300 million measurement points. During the scanning process, the 3D scanner obtain information about the shape of the object in X, Y, Z coordinatesnd realistic texture mapping at each measurement point (RGB colors). The software allows to automatic calculation of surface area and perimeter. Thanks to advanced functions and intelligent algorithms - creating documentation and 3D models has never been so easy and convenient.
In addition, the new functionality of changing the „sensor sensitivity” parameter allows to 3D scan of dark objects.

The universal mobile SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE scanner combines the precision of geometric measurements with a realistic texture reproduction. The perfect tool for both work of modern engineering and the humanities.

Figure 1:3D scanning process             Figure 2:3D scanning results Point cloud (X, Y, Z with RGB)         

Figure 3: Wirtual object analysis         Figure 4:Virtual museum and publication of objects on the Internet



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