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MICRON3D color 24Mpix


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Model:MICRON3D color 24Mpix

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MICRON3D color is a complex solution for precise 3D digitalization of detailed objects with real color capture. It is best tool for documentation and conservation purposes where shape and texture are crucial.

Figure 1:Triangle mesh with texture for colorful 3D printing.       Figure 2:Perfect color visualization thanks to RGB space suit.

Growing demands from the archaeological and preservation markets inspired SMARTTECH engineers to develop a brand new solution. New scanner was created for accurate digitalization of the colorful objects both in 3D scanning workshop and during real-time excavations.
MICRON3D color is a 3D scanner dedicated to eternal archiving of historical objects. It is equipped with a detector of the highest resolution available on the market (24 Mpix).
Combining the highest density of points (over 1000 pts/mm2) with 24 bit color capture allows documentation of smallest details of scanned objects such as micro scratches and tool marks.
This high technology, device was designed to be user-friendly and can be operated easily by first time users. Thanks to implemented plug-and-scan launch, scanner doesn’t require additional end user calibration and is ready to work directly after taking it out of it’s case.
High measurement resolution allows the user to gather information about objects with very complex structures, such as ceramic ornaments, clothes, and oil paintings, which, until now, were very problematic for 3D scanning. The highly sensitive detector enables simple digitization of shiny and dark surfaces alike. Furthermore, full integration with shadeless system makes it possible to capture the scanned object’s real color.
All of these features make MICRON3D the most effective tool for archaeologist, biologist or art restorers. It is also good choice for demanding animations, colorful 3D printing or computer gaming.



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