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MICRON3D color 10Mpix


Place of Origin:poland

Model:MICRON3D color 10Mpix

Keyword tag:3D scanners,MICRON3D color 10Mpix,Optical measurement system
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Perfect measuring machine for industry.
New generation of optical CMM.

The new MICRON3D color 10MPix provides resolution of up to 400 points/mm2 and acquires texture of the object in each measurement point (X, Y, Z with RGB).
Measurement accuracy up to 0.015 mm.
User-friendly SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software enables a quick start and guaranties optimal data processing even for non-professionals.
Software enables advanced and automated data post-processing such as advanced cloud of points or triangle mesh edition.
Due to large amounts of collected data the environment has been designed for seamless work with data exceeding 200 million points, which gives user the freedom to choose a level of detail he wants to work on.

Technical advantages:
• Highest quality components
• German high resolution and sensitive color sensors
• Precise measurement up to 15 μm accuracy
• Full carbon fiber housing

First metrology certified 3D digitizer giving accurate information about shape and color of measured object.

Metrologically reliable digitiser with ability to measure shape and color of objects. MICRON3D color 10Mpix has ability to scan dark and shiny surfaces. The result of scanning is a color model with texture (cloud of points X,Y,Z with RGB).

Scanned object:XV century cannon. Courtesy of Castle Museum in Malbork, Poland



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