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Mobile Large Area Micro-XRF Spectrometer CRONO


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CRONO is a mobile and reconfigurable fast micro- XRF scanner. Based on the EDXRF technique, it has been designed for in-situ, non-destructive and highspeed examination of large objects.

The XRF components are fully integrated into a compact measurement head and allow the detection of elements in the range from Na to U with good efficiency even in the region below 2 keV and above 25 keV (e.g. Sn, Sb, and Ba K-edge emissions).

The measurement head is mounted on a motorized stage that allows for up to 60 cm x 45 cm scanning area. The motorized frame and the support trolley can be easily dismantled for transportation.CRONO
can be turned into a portable spot XRF device by installing the measurement head on a light tripod.

The system works in a complete non-contact mode at 1 cm distance from the sample. The analysis area is always under control thanks to several monitoring systems.

CRONO benefits from two flagship technologies. CUBE is a CMOS preamplifier that enables highspeed acquisition with best spectral quality. The digital pulse processor DANTE provides extremely fast on-the-fly scanning of samples.

The CRONO’s software allows complete instrument control and monitoring from one interface which shows spectra and maps even while acquisition is running. A spectrum is stored for every pixel. The intuitive report tool automatically generates a report of a single measurement or a project in pdf format.

Element maps of a 50 cm x 40 cm painting (first left). Measurement time ~ 30 min, line speed 20 mm/s,
collimator aperture 2 mm, X-ray tube settings 50 kV and 100 μA. From second left: Ba Lα, Pb Lα, Ca Kα;
the element concentrations range from high values in red over yellow and green color to low values in blue.


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