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The compact MarSurf CM mobile is a portable confocal microscope for the three dimensional measurement and analysis of surfaces – non-tactile, independent of material and fast.


Its low weight and operation via a laptop allow for flexible use when measuring on large objects and difficult to move workpieces, such as rollers.

· Mobile application enables testing directly on the component / tool – even if they are only briefly accessible

· Compact system (5 kg) with motorized axes for HD stitching

· Robust and reliable for use in production

· High measuring speed – even at full resolution

· User-friendly concept

· Consistently high resolution even with large measurement areas thanks to HD stitching

The established optical measuring system is successfully used, for example for:

· Roughness measurement according to DIN EN ISO 4287 / 25178

· Topography measurement (including volume, wear, isotropy)

· Measurement of microgeometry and layer thicknesses


MarSurf CM Mobile application

Mechanical Engineering
To qualify and quantify roughness, geometry and wear volume
Electronics and semiconductors
Component inspection down to the sub-micrometer range for defect-free products
Medical Technology
Quality assurance of medical surfaces in production and laboratory
Material Science
Optimization of functional properties of new surfaces and products
Microsystems Technology
Measure complex surface geometries of smallest components with nanometer precision

Users value the MarSurf CM mobile as a reliable measuring system that provides quantitative traceable 3D characteristics for many industries.


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